42 Clever Replies to a Guy Saying “We should hang out”

When a guy says, “we should hang out,” you might wonder what he means.

Is he asking you out on a date?

Is he friend-zoning you? Or is he literally just bored and looking for someone to play FIFA with?

Before deciding how to respond to “we should hang out,” you’ll want to work out the intention behind the question.

Then, you’ll want to reflect on how you feel about that intention.

If hanging out sounds like an interesting offer, you’ll want to encourage the guy by agreeing or sending a flirty or funny reply.

If you want to be asked out more formally, however, you can make your feelings clear.

And, of course, if you’re just straight up not interested, you can say no.

This article offers a wide variety of responses for each of these possible scenarios.

42 Clever Replies to a Guy Saying, “We should hang out” 

  1. “Sure, I’ll pencil you into my ‘Awesome Hangouts’ schedule!”
  2. “I’ve got my ‘Let’s Hang’ checklist ready, let’s do this!”
  3. “Absolutely, let’s turn those words into plans!”
  4. “Definitely! I’ve been practicing my ‘Hanging Out’ skills.”
  5. “I’m all in for some quality hangout time!”
  6. “Sounds like a plan! Let’s make it happen.”
  7. “I’m up for it, as long as it involves good food and good company!”
  8. “Count me in! Let’s make this hangout epic.”
  9. “Absolutely, let’s turn that idea into a reality!”
  10. “For sure! Let’s make the most of our hangout time.”
  11. “Yes! I’m all about making memories. When and where?”
  12. “I’m down for a great hangout! Let’s make it happen.”
  13. “Absolutely, let’s turn those words into action!”
  14. “I’m all ears for a solid hangout plan!”
  15. “Yes! Let’s turn ‘should’ into ‘let’s do it!'”
  16. “Absolutely, I’m all for a fantastic hangout session.”
  17. “Definitely up for hanging out, let’s set the date.”
  18. “Sure thing! Let’s plan the ultimate hangout experience.”
  19. “I’m in! Let’s turn this idea into an awesome hangout.”
  20. “Yes, let’s turn the ‘should’ into ‘let’s definitely do it!'”
  21. “I’m all for it! Let’s make this hangout unforgettable.”
  22. “Absolutely, let’s turn those words into plans!”
  23. “I’m up for a hangout adventure, count me in.”
  24. “Yes, let’s hang out! Any ideas on what we should do?”
  25. “Sure, let’s make hanging out a priority!”
  26. “Definitely! Let’s turn that thought into a reality.”
  27. “Absolutely, I’m game for an amazing hangout!”
  28. “Yes! Let’s make this hangout worthwhile.”
  29. “I’m all in! Let’s turn the idea into a fantastic hangout.”
  30. “For sure! Let’s make our hangout plans official.”
  31. “I’m down for some quality hangout time!”
  32. “Sounds great! Let’s turn those words into action.”
  33. “Absolutely, I’m all about making hangouts happen!”
  34. “Yes, let’s turn ‘we should’ into ‘let’s do it!'”
  35. “Sure thing! Let’s plan an awesome hangout session.”
  36. “I’m in! Let’s turn this idea into an incredible hangout.”
  37. “Yes, let’s turn the idea into an epic hangout!”
  38. “Definitely up for hanging out, let’s make it happen.”
  39. “I’m all for it! Let’s turn ‘should’ into ‘absolutely!'”
  40. “Absolutely, I’m all up for a memorable hangout!”
  41. “Yes, let’s hang out! Got any exciting plans in mind?”
  42. “Sure, let’s make hanging out a reality! What’s the plan?”

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