48 Smart Replies when She Says She just Wants to be Friends

“I just want to be friends” is one of the oldest lines in the dating book.

In fact, it’s so common that most people can’t even say it without adding, “I know everyone says that, but I really mean it.”

So, when does this line get used? There are two basic scenarios.

The first is when two people are getting to know each other and one person clarifies that they don’t want things to develop into a relationship.

The second is when two people have been friends forever and one of them confesses that they have feelings for the other.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, hearing that someone isn’t into you can be tough.

Whether you went on an unsuccessful date or declared your feelings to a close friend only to be friend-zoned, there’s an ideal response for you somewhere in this article.

48 Smart replies when a girl says she just wants to be friends 

  1. “Absolutely, friendship is a wonderful foundation for anything.”
  2. “I completely understand! Friends first, always a great start.”
  3. “Friends it is! Building a solid friendship is never a bad idea.”
  4. “No problem at all, friends can have the best connections.”
  5. “I’m all for friendship! Let’s see where that takes us.”
  6. “Friends it is, I value meaningful connections in any form.”
  7. “Friends are the best beginnings, count me in.”
  8. “Friendship is a beautiful journey, I’m on board!”
  9. “Friendship is a fantastic place to start anything.”
  10. “Absolutely fine with being friends, genuine connections matter most.”
  11. “Friends it is, let’s see where our bond takes us.”
  12. “Friends? Absolutely, let’s explore that avenue.”
  13. “Friendship is a great place to begin, I’m in!”
  14. “Sure thing! Friends make the best relationships anyway.”
  15. “Friends it is! Authentic connections matter the most.”
  16. “Absolutely, friendship is the cornerstone of everything.”
  17. “Friends first? That works for me, genuine connections are key.”
  18. “Friends it is, a solid foundation for anything meaningful.”
  19. “I’m all for friendship, it’s the start of something great.”
  20. “Friends? Sounds great, let’s see where that leads us.”
  21. “Friendship is wonderful, count me in!”
  22. “Friends it is, I’m all about meaningful connections.”
  23. “Friendship is a fantastic beginning, I’m on board!”
  24. “Absolutely fine with being friends, it’s a great start.”
  25. “Friends it is, genuine connections matter the most.”
  26. “Sure thing! Let’s start with friendship, it’s valuable.”
  27. “Friends make the best beginnings, count me in.”
  28. “Friendship first? I’m in, it’s all about genuine connections.”
  29. “Friends it is, a great way to begin.”
  30. “Absolutely, friendship is key for any connection.”
  31. “Friends it is, let’s see where our bond takes us.”
  32. “Friendship? I’m all for it, genuine connections matter.”
  33. “Friends it is, let’s build a solid bond.”
  34. “Sure thing! Friendship is a strong foundation.”
  35. “Friends make the best connections, count me in.”
  36. “Friendship is a fantastic start, I’m on board.”
  37. “Absolutely fine with friendship, let’s connect genuinely.”
  38. “Friends it is, it’s where true connections start.”
  39. “Friends it is! Meaningful connections matter most.”
  40. “Friendship is a wonderful start, let’s explore that.”
  41. “Sure, let’s start as friends, it’s the best way to connect.”
  42. “Friends it is, genuine connections matter.”
  43. “Friendship is a great foundation for anything meaningful.”
  44. “Absolutely! Friendship is a solid base for connections.”
  45. “Friends it is, a fantastic way to start.”
  46. “Friends? I’m all for it, genuine connections matter most.”
  47. “Sure thing! Let’s build a friendship, it’s invaluable.”
  48. “Friends it is, let’s cultivate a genuine bond.”

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